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The Nellis UFO Video:

A Prologue


by Martin J Powell


On a late autumnal afternoon in 1994, at a remote location in the Nevada desert, a small team of personnel are sat inside a trailer observing a series of radar displays. Their routine operations are suddenly broken when their attention is directed to a slow-moving object, behaving in a peculiar manner, which has been detected approaching the trailer site from the South-west. The operator turns his camera, and the object comes into view; an indistinct blob moving slowly in front of the distant mountain range. Drawing on his experience of working on the range for several years, he remarks "It's a helicopter!…That's why it's so slow." "Ah!" exclaims his female assistant, catching sight of the object on the monitor display. She suggests that it might be some debris, drifting in the breeze. But it seems to be moving in a controlled manner, and not just drifting - there is something peculiar about this object. "It's not much more than a round dot, but it looks different to most dots" she remarks.

Other vehicles in the group are also monitoring events, as well as range control several miles away, known to the team as 'T-1'.

In the trailer, the camera operator tries to put the camera into an automatic tracking mode, hoping to free his efforts to keep the object in shot. But the camera fails to lock on to the object and it drifts out of view. He regains manual control of the camera. The object slowly approaches and after a short period of contemplation, his assistant asks, "Got any idea what it is?" He replies "I got a helo!" She confirms "You've got a helicopter?" Confused by the inconclusive information on his radar readout, he replies "Yeah…can't get a result on these things…"

But as the object becomes more discernible on the monitor, he begins to doubt his own judgement: "I don't know what the hell that is…that's a helo, isn't it? What is that?…I don't know!" Seeing that the object is now beginning a rapid climb, she replies "Looks like one…right up high, now…goin' like…straight up!" He centres the object long enough for him to zoom the camera in on it. Seeing its lobed structure, he suggests another possibility: "A balloon, ain't it?…I don't know what the hell that is, man." Offering some slight assurance, she replies "I think it's a helicopter."

By now the monitor display shows that it is neither a helicopter nor a balloon, but it takes a while for the team to realise this. As the object continues to climb, the assistant remarks "Straight up, boy!" "I'm outta here!" he exclaims. "Oh, okay" she replies. "What the hell is it?" he ponders. He manages to keep the object in shot as it moves across the sun, and it has now come close enough for detail to be seen. As part of a routine procedure, his assistant asks, "Call-sign?" But this object defies anything they have yet come across, and he replies "Er…I don't even know what it is!"

As his assistant stares at the object on the screen, she declares "It's weird-looking!" Determined to get a look at this object with his own eyes, he passes control of the camera to his assistant, stands up and leaves the trailer. The door creaks as he opens it. As he does so, the object suddenly turns to face the trailer group, and it begins to rotate slowly back and forth, as if it were observing them. He stands at the entrance of the trailer, looking through binoculars, contemplating the most remarkable flying object he has ever seen. His assistant calls out to him "See it?" He is too pre-occupied to respond, so she asks him again.

* This is the author's interpretation of the events that took place at tracking station 'S-30' on the Nellis Test Range. It is largely based on the poor quality soundtrack that accompanies the video footage, so parts of it are speculative and may be incorrect.

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